Timothy Wittig


Empathy Driven Development, Introduction

Published Sep 14, 2021

I believe that everyone has a central theme or motivator to their career. For some it’s a drive to innovate, for others it’s career progress or achievement, and for others still it’s to gain and share knowledge. Obviously someone can be influenced by multiple factors, but I believe that everyone has a primary guide, whether they realize it or not, that underlies their decision making. After more than a decade into my craft, I can recognize and articulate the pattern behind my career and how it manifests.

I describe myself as an empathy driven developer. At a high level, this means that my concern and empathy for others is how I derive most of my career satisfaction and undergirds much of my decision making. I’ll be writing a series of posts that takes a deeper dive into the impact that I believe empathy driven development has on prominent aspects of software development. I’ll link them below as I publish them.

Empathy Driven Development, Coding

Empathy Driven Development, Finding Fulfillment